September 24, 2020

The Popularity of men wedding bands made of diamond

If you are struggling to get the answer to this question that can diamond be used in men wedding bands then the answer is for sure a yes! These days we are seeing the heavy trend of diamond wedding bands and there is a good amount of reason that men love to use this element in their wedding and engagement bands. It is true that diamonds are known and famous because of their hardness and durability factor. They are included in the high and extremely symbolic gem category. It is these diamonds which can really add a glamour, bling and spark in your simple looking wedding band.

How to choose the best diamond wedding band?

Just keep in mind the four important and essential C’s when it comes to the selection of diamond wedding bands. The presence of cut, clarity, colour, carat is the important C’s which make any wedding band made of diamond to stand out! It is these C’s which can exceptionally increase and enhance the value of a wedding ring as well. If you have ocean of choices and options in front of you then just consider these four important C elements.

Types of diamond styles to be used in wedding bands

  • If you are looking for the maximum durability factor then you should go for the single and bezel diamond. On the other hand, if sparkle objective is present in your head then you need to have diamond melee right onto your wedding band.
  • The interesting fact about this melee diamond is that it is an extremely small diamond, it is just of 0.001 ct, you can call them tiny diamonds. These melee diamonds come in the single cut form or in the full cut form. In the section of these men wedding bands, they can either be present in channel set form or in bead set form.

Why choose melee diamond?

Many people love to choose melee diamond when they have to give the order of Custom wedding bands. This diamond is quite affordable, it is tiny in its size and carries a lot of sparkles and shine in it. You can make the biggest impact on your wedding ring by choosing such a diamond type.

The Trend of colored gemstones

  • Then we have colored gemstones which are hugely used in Custom Damascus bands. You can add any of the gems on your wedding bands like you can have the addition of sapphire gem or ruby gem. These gems can really bring a colorful effect on your wedding bands. These gemstones look quite durable and beautiful.
  • You can even add your birthstone to your wedding ring, such an addition will bring a meaningful touch to your wedding ring jewellery piece. For the protection of these coloured gems in your wedding ring, you can go for and consider the channel setting or select the bezel setting. In a bezel jewellery setting style, you will see that a thin kind of metal strip is being pushed up so that the gem can remain at its holding place.