September 24, 2020

Best Real Estate Glossary You Have To Know

Best Real Estate Glossary You Have To Know

To understand the entire process of purchasing and selling real estate in any society like blue world city, one must be acquainted with the important real estate conditions.

No matter in what society you are investing either it is blue world city or capital smart city, park view city or university town. There’s technical terminology connected with each sort of industry and the exact same holds for property too. From insurance to amortization, it seems quite tricky to comprehend especially for all those new to property enterprise.

No need to stress, we’re here in order to assist you by sharing this supreme collection of property glossary to describe some of the typical to most popular real estate terms from Pakistan.

Common Real Estate Terms In Pakistan

If you’re a first-time home buyer or seller, then the next list will be very handy for you or for anybody who’s interested in the way the property business functions.

Khasra Number

It’s a exceptional questionnaire number or plot amount to allotted to some particular parcel of land. A khasra number could have 8 kanals or a single acre at max. But for some scenarios, the khasra amount can exceed 1 acre like if the property is scenic or bare. If the part of land retains any construction the column will cite’Ghair Mumkin’,”Chai’ whether it’s irrigated by wells,’Nehri’ or’Aabi’ whether it’s by canals.


Fard is a real estate record that shows the possession of a parcel of property. All of the details from fard are based on the documents of a patwari that contains the information of this earnings that an owner pays to get a property. Fard is utilized for a variety of purposes like for sale, for record purposes, for preparing a power of attorney, etc..


Someone who’s appointed to test a property record is Gardori/Gardavar and called Qanoon-go or even Kano-go.


Gardvari is a registered evidence of property leasing rights issued by a gardori who acquire a slice of property on rent with the owner’s approval.


Inteqal is also called’property transport’ can be used to transport a part of property from 1 individual to another. The entire procedure is performed on the basis of this vault given to some house.

Whenever this practice is performed through a patwari, the in billed authority changes the data in the document by incorporating the land in the buyer’s document and then subtracting it in the listing of the seller. This practice is called’partaal’ and the inteqal is finished.


Jamabandi is the practice of updating land records. For the majority of the components, it’s done every four decades.


It’s the procedure of substituting irregular areas to acquire a rectangular area of the identical size to generate the water supply simpler and cost-effective. This was formerly used for waste regions only, but as a result of its usefulness, it had been extended to plump and cultivated lands afterwards.


Moza is a specific bit of property that’s part of this qanoon-goi.


A patwari is a person made to maintain the records of property ownership. Patwari typically functions in patwarkhanas, a location where patwaris run their business.


A shajra is a thorough place on the map with amounts cited against every bit of property. It includes all of the particulars of every khasra e.g. the dimensions, precise place, and environment.


It’s a paper record used as evidence for a slice of property issued by the Revenue Department.


It’s a land measurement, roughly about the size of 25 square feet. 9 sarsahi is equivalent to 1 marla.


Partal is your procedure to confirm and update a home listing. It’s normally modulated by the patwari.


It’s the dimension of property – changing in size between 25 square feet to 272 square feet. In various areas of Pakistan, how big marla varies dependent on the property distribution under the neighborhood patwarkhana.

Khewat Number

It’s a exceptional number given to some set of owners that owns a bit of property with numerous khasra numbers. This amount varies after each new jamabandi is finished.


It’s a Persian word which means payoff. It covers all of the operations regarding the specification and evaluation of the property revenue. It’s a rather careful process that involves gathering data from other offices and appointing an proper share.


Kanal is a property measurement unit mainly utilized in the subcontinent and also among the most frequently used real estate conditions in Pakistan.

Sale Deed

It’s just another property record used to communicate the name from the seller to the purchaser. It defines the property details like the real estate cost, payment information, and also the belonging of this property – if it belongs to some individual, or some other culture, etc..

Haq e Shufa

It’s a distinctive right to become the purchaser of immovable property. It’s to stop a stranger from purchasing a specific parcel of property that could be beneficial to this neighbor.


Theka is also called a rental, it’s a contractual arrangement to enable the tenant to utilize the property possessed by the landlord in exchange for a monthly or yearly charge.

This extensive dictionary of real estate terms will surely help you realize the concepts, language, and also the way the real estate business works