September 30, 2020

How to prevent knife damage? Top expert tips for you

It is completely true that a good knife always comes out to be a chef’s best friend. On the other side, if you have a blunt and poorly maintained knife, then it can shift your pleasurable and enjoyable job into a messy and troublesome chore. No matter you have a range of expensive Damascus Steel Knife versions, until and unless you will not take care and store them properly, they will fail to perform at their full perfect potential.

Here you will get the insider knowledge that how can you keep these Damascus Custom Knives in their best and perfect possible condition. Check out the expert tips which will help you in preventing damage.

Elements to Consider While Taking Caring for your knives

  • To get the most out of your knives, you have to look after them genuinely. Being the owner of your knife, it is you who should look after it as well as take complete responsibility for it. Knife care demands ownership and responsibility.
  • Avoid keeping your knives unattended. If you are going out somewhere, then keep your knives set along with you and do not let anyone use them roughly. When your knives will be left unattended and the rest of the people will use them on rough terms, then potential damage will be caused to them.
  • Dropping a knife on the floor or if you stab hard subjects by using it, then such an action will intensely damage your knife. Do you know how knives get these bent tips, it happens because you keep on stabbing hard objects on them.
  • Knives get chipped because you are in the habit of chopping bones or chopping hard objects by using them. If the individual wants to do a chopping job, then he should use a wooden board or a block board.

Experts tips Regarding Knife storage

  • Note that your knife can still get damaged even you are not using it. So, store it in a damage free place. It is due to incorrect storage that knives gets damages as explained by the experts. You can have stainless steel worktops drawers and avoid throwing your knives in these drawers. Keep them in an organized form. Such overthrowing will cause and bring damage to your knives tips and blades.
  • It is not suggested to store your knives in metal containers. Knives rub up themselves against each other in these metal containers and get easily and quickly damaged.
  • At the same time, your knives will eventually become dented and scratched if you are going to carelessly throw them in a knife drawer. It is advised to make use of a knife roll if you want to transport or shift your knives.
  • You can use roll bags if you are not currently using your knives. For protecting knives, magnetic wall strips are a great option. Moreover, you can secure your knives in a wooden block or you can buy protective sleeves to cover up your knives blades.

Tips for Cleaning Knives

  • Proper and careful cleaning can successfully prevent knife damage as well. Careful cleaning keeps your knife in an optimum condition. One should clean their knives after every use.
  • Never bring your knife in a position of getting scratches. A knife full of scratches is hard to clean and becomes unhygienic too. Lastly, one should avoid washing their knives by placing them in a dishwasher. This cleaning action will make your knives to blunt quickly.

This is how knife damage can be avoided, use these expert tips and keep your knives safer. More tips are coming up, so stay in touch.