September 30, 2020

How to Watch Dr Strange on Cartoon HD Android App

Hello Friends, Today we are going to tell you how you can watch the latest Hollywood movie Dr Strange on Cartoon HD Which is an Android application. It is considered one of the best in its niche market and ten million people downloaded this app until now to watch free online streaming’s of their favorite Hollywood Movies (Films).

Dr Strange is a story about a very intelligent Dr who was best in his field. This also makes him little proud and arrogant, He thinks that there is no illness that he cannot cure. The story progress a little and somehow Dr Strange got involved in a car accident which results in the paralyses of his both hands. He tried everything to cure his damaged hands so that he would retain his profession but was failed. His wounds heal but hands are not the same like before.

This makes him very disturb, He also started to lose his wealth gradually which puts more pressure upon him. Then some incidents happens which forced Dr Strange to travel on a journey towards Nepal in search for a cure for his damaged hands.

This story is based upon Dr Who series which is extremely popular. If you want to watch this series online on your android smartphones then you can watch it too with the help of Cartoon HD app.

dr_strange on cartoon hd

How to Download and install Cartoon HD Android App

This app is very famous in public especially android smartphone users but unfortunately until now this app is not available on the android play store. So because of that reason you need to get its Apk file from the official websites. Only then you are able to install this amazing application on to your android smartphones.

Now lets see how you can download the apk file and then install in onto your smartphones. Please follow my instructions given below carefully.


  1. Unlock your android smartphone, and open any internet browser you have on your mobile.
  2. In our case we use google chrome as we have only that browser installed on our mobiles at the moment.
  3. Now when the browser is opened on to your screens look for the address bar and write the official website link: Cartoon HD APK.
  4. After that the website should open on your smartphone. Please scroll down and look for the download button listed on the website you just opened.
  5. When you tap or clicked on the button it starts downloading apk file on to your phone.
  6. Wait a little for the apk file to complete download process it may takes a few minutes.
  7. Now open any file manager or use your internet browser to locate the apk file you have just downloaded on to your device.
  8. Now simply tap on it to open the installation process.
  9. Wait until it completes and then you should see Cartoon HD icon on your home screen or desktop if you are using computer.

That’s it, we hope you enjoy this amazing adventures movie Dr Strange with Cartoon HD App.