September 30, 2020

Pleasures of watching Roger Waters Live

Going to Roger Waters live concert gives you a unique pleasure of being one with the show from the start to the end. If you are standing at the audience end you see a giant blue platform with a star studded background screen. As the cameras rise slowly and focus on the días you see a globe emerging from the center screen. Soon it starts rotating and blinking. The whistling and shouting of the audience slowly gets converted into loud cheers as the artist enters the stage. Now the stage lights get turned on. Wow you are able to see all the accompanying artists already in their positions with their sets of instruments.

Let the show begin – Roger Waters Live

Now the main artist is clearly visible with his guitar. All the floodlights are focused on him. Suddenly you are able to visualize the imposing image of Roger Waters.  You may face some issues while being seated at the end row of the seats. You get to hear more of cheers and shouting than the voice of Roger Waters. This could be a minus point for you at the live concerts. But you can overcome this problem if you focus on the centre stage than anywhere else.

Soon the shouting and cheering crowd goes silent. Now you are able to hear the music and the song clearly. Then suddenly you lose track of time and the place where you are. You are roped into the fourth dimension of time and space until the show is complete. This is the most common experience for everyone who goes to the Roger Waters Live.

Upcoming Roger Waters Live shows

The North American tour of Roger Waters for the year 2017 has been announced. The first Roger Waters Live concert will be on Saturday, the 25th of March 2017 at Brooklyn New York. Tickets are on sale right now. You can buy a total of 10 tickets for the gold circle and the general section together. You can place the online order and get the tickets via UPS on the second day from your date of order. You need to fill the online form to get the ticket and click on the checkout button. Then you are taken to the next screen where you input your personal, contact and delivery address details. Here you need to make the payment online. Once this is complete your ticket will reach your home. Alternately you can also request to hold the ticket at the venue till you go there and collect it personally. This option helps in saving the delivery charges of almost $15. But the total ticket cost goes up to $39 from $ 19!

The next Roger Waters Live show is on the 26th of May 2016 Friday at the Sprint center Kansas City. This is a solo performance from the artist. You can book your tickets today and get the privilege of selecting the seat numbers of your choice to get complete entertainment from the Roger Waters Live show.