October 30, 2020

Can you wear sporran with a utility kilt?

utility kilt

This is one of the most common query that people face that whether they can wear a sporran with a utility kilt or not. Therefore, in order to address this, I am writing a small blog post for you guys.

Usually, it depends on the preference of kilt wearers; however, there are some other aspects to look for as well which I have discussed below.

Can you wear Sporran with a Utility Kilt?

Many people ask this question and the straight to this question is, yes you can wear a sporran with your utility kilt.

It is true that the utility kilts are contemporary, they are pretty new and there’s no history to them. They are only around 15 to 20 years old and were founded in the late nineteens.

If you want to wear a sporran with the utility kilt then go ahead and wear them but there are already pockets on a utility kilt so you don’t necessarily need it but if you don’t like the look of the snaps or the front apron looks a bit barren or your kilt looks a little bit too skirt like then you can go ahead and wear a sporran.

Sporran is a great way to accessorize your kilt and show the Scottish side of you to the world. It is going to look even more beautiful if your kilt has flat pockets but if it contains big bulky pockets like survival or tactical kilts then avoid wearing a sporran with it because it is going to look a bit weird.

Whereas, a kilt with a nice sleek cargo pockets with a sporran would look some much better. There are also some utility kilts that comes with no pockets and in fact I have one of these and I wear it to work coupled with a sporran and it is supposed to be a formal kilt so it does give a very nice formal look to the overall outfit.

If you are planning to wear a sporran with your utility kilt then make sure to avoid the dress sporrans or semi-dress sporrans because believe me they are going to ruin your whole outfit look. Instead go with a leather sporran, it is a less formal and goes well with a utility kilt.

A utility kilt is an amazing type of kilt that doesn’t force you to wear a sporran with it and that’s mainly because there are so many pockets on a utility kilt that lets you store almost any stuff you want.

And that’s the main reason why sporrans were built. To serve the functionality of a pocket in a kilt. However, times have changed a lot and now sporrans are mainly used as a way to showcase the great Scottish culture and heritage you can also buy men’s Balck Leather Kilt 2020

Benefits of Utility Kilts

Below are some of the benefits and advantages of Utility kilts which I have written for you;

  • Easy to wear.
  • Very comfortable and perfect for day to day usage.
  • Have enough room to carry your stuffs.
  • Perfect for outdoor events.
  • Made of various comfortable material including; cotton, denim, and wool.