September 27, 2020

SpongeBob Cooking Games For Your Kid

SpongeBob Cooking Games:

Cooking games have become very popular over the past few years as more and more kids have started to prefer them over other typical games. There are tons of cooking games available all featuring different chefs who specialize in different kinds of foods. Previously, kids used to play cooking games with the help of tiny cooking kits that were available for kids. But now they prefer online cooking games over traditional cooking games. The reason is that online cooking games are much broader and feature graphics that provide a better cooking experience.

SpongeBob is one of the most liked cartoon characters just like Tom and Jerry or Pink Panther. The reason for his popularity is his witty jokes and all the adventures that he gets into along with his friends. He lives in a fictional city which is located underwater, known as the Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob, along with his friends often have campfires under water which are hilarious with their irony. His friends are really funny too and always bring an extra charm to the audience.

SpongeBob cooking games are among the top favorite cooking games of the kids. This is mainly because of the popularity of the SpongeBob television series.

Mr. Krabs Restaurant:

SpongeBob cooking games

Mr. Krabs’ restaurant is the main focus of the cooking games of SpongeBob. Mr. Krabs is basically a very strict restaurant owner, and he has hired SpongeBob to work at his restaurant. Now SpongeBob’s job is not easy, and he has to work very hard to do his job in a right way and earn the appreciation of his employer. The customers keep coming in the restaurant and order the food that they like. SpongeBob has to make sure that he takes their orders and comes back with the prepared food as fast as he can if he wants to earn more tips. In addition to that, the food has to look good as well or else the customers won’t be pleased and hence a number of tips will drop.

Play to Win:

If you want to earn high scores in this game, then you should really be aware of the basics. If you manage to earn yourself high scores, you can even save your progress and share it with your friends on Facebook. Following are the steps that will allow you to play this game to win:

  • Whenever a customer walks in the restaurant, make sure to greet him without wasting any time immediately. The faster you complete your tasks, the more time you will save. Time management is the key to earning more points in SpongeBob cooking games and is the main purpose of these games as well.
  • Once you have prepared the food, make sure that before you serve it to the customers, you make it look as nice as you can. Use all the garnishing tools available to make your food look pleasing to the eyes.
  • Opponents are there to give you a tough time. It is your job to avoid them as much as you can as they will try to slow you down.