September 28, 2020

Maphie Nail Polish

Always begin painting your nails using your non-dominant hand FIRST. You have more patience when you start and also you won’t have some moist polish on such hands to smudge. You’ve just got to try this one out to think us. It is the way forward.

Already have nails? Prone to snagging or breaking ? File them into a shape. This nail contour is the most powerful so they’re not as inclined break and to grab and also you won’t have some corners. Check out our 5 Perfect Nail Shapes and How To Attain Them site for More Information! Wash your nails prior to applying polish with nail polish remover. If you had nails that are nude prior to, using nail polish remover will wash off any grime or dirt on your own nail plate leaving a clean coating to the polish. This can be known as’squeaking the nail’, and will create your manicure.

Buy and utilize acetone polish remover where potential. Acetone is extremely dehydrating and terrible there are loads of removers that are free on the market but you have to search for it. When you’ve soaked the cotton mat hold it on your nail plate for around 4-5 seconds before gently sliding down to the tip of the nail. This can give it a opportunity to soak through the layers of polish removing your need to wash the nail and making it more easy to remove.


Don’t like colored nail polish? Can not wear it? Do not go nude! At least use 1-2 coats of a fantastic quality non-toxic and nontoxic base coating. It will illuminate and protect your nails and provide you a nail remedy in one.

When applying colour, start with the brush a fraction below the cuticle and NOT on it. Painting onto the cuticle looks messy and makes the polish bleed in the nail bed. It is also more likely to chip and peel off .

The most important tip of all — make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get your own manicure! Go to the loo, make that cup of tea, and have all before beginning.Maphie Nail Polish

Cup Of Tea and Saucer


Select a nail polish which is non-toxic, and hence better for your health. There’s zero need for nasty chemicals in polish (or really any cosmetics!) . LivOliv is proud to be 5-Free — that signifies our polishes do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, toluene or dibutyl phthalate (DBP). As a bonus our products are cruelty- free and vegetarian.

Maphie Nail Polish

And above all — Liv…Thankfully!

Enjoy, The LivOliv Team x

P.S.. We have made our 23 tips available as a free downloadable ebook. Put in it the basket, get and checkout. Enjoy.

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Tyler Johnson says:

That is very great to understand that round nails are less inclined to get caught on things. That is only one of my favorite feelings, therefore I wish to avoid that as far as you can. that my nails could round out I’ll have to look at picking up a nail file.