September 30, 2020


Instagram has become one of the largest marketing places on social media having 8 Million active users each day. I, myself have been using Instagram for a very long time because I love to scroll through my news feed, taking a look at my friends, family, and other brands posts.

Who could have thought that Instagram would have been a better place to start a business? If you are having any plans for your business, then Instagram is the right tool for your success. The things to a successful business are engagement and the right strategy. Keep in mind that you have to stick with your strategy and work accordingly. Yet the most important factor is the Instagram followers. The more followers you get, the more engagement you receive.learn more

Here are some of the best tips and strategy that are going viral on the internet:


Hashtags are the most important tool on Instagram that can driveway much traffic towards your profile. Using hashtags keeps your posts alive. Linking those brands and page that other people might be interested, creates a tension in the crowd. The more crowd you get, the more traffic drives towards you.

You can use popular hashtags, post related hashtags, product-related hashtags, local hashtags and much more. It creates a untapped attention towards your post which results in increasing your exposure.



While posting your content on Instagram, it’s very much important to keep a content schedule. You need to make sure when your users are mostly online and can have a look at your post.

If you post your content in those times where most of your users are not active, your post will go down in their newsfeed when they will again use their Instagram. Use tools like Buffer and Later to make a schedule for your content. It necessary for a small business marketer to be incredibly active on Instagram. Posting regular will drive attention and your followers will get fresh newsfeed every single day. This will prevent them from unfollowing your business account.



How your followers will come to know about you when you don’t have the right bio. Bio is the short intro on your Instagram page. Bio is that one single thing that pops firstly in front of your screen.

The bio should be precise and eye-catching. People don’t have time read the long bio and its considered to be boring. This can cause your follower to not follow you or even look back at you again. Writing a bio is easy but not a piece of cake. You need your follower’s attention and want them to hit that follow button right on the top of your Instagram page. So make your bio look like a bomb!



Real followers for Instagram are very much important to promote your page. Because you cannot alone make your page grow, your followers grow the engagement rate of your page. To get to your targeted followers, post content in which they are interested. Reply to every comment and show a response. This will help you to get more followers on your Instagram page.



How can you forget that you are not the only one living on this planet? Instagram is a world of business and you need to get influencers to increase your number of followers.


Getting influencers is not that much easy, but when you get it, then its time that your one can change into three zeros. It means you get followers right away. Making collaboration with other Instagram marketers increases engagement and drives traffic. But at this point, you need to be patient because it takes time to reach out to your followers.



When you post something, your audience looks at your post editing and quality. Even though Instagram has various filters which you can use. But that’s not enough. When it comes to quality it means the quality of the picture and messages that pass.


If you are taking pictures from your iPhone, then you should keep in mind that you have to maximize your quality. The second comes from the editing. Posting pictures are only one part of the equation and editing makes that equation complete. Make sure to edit your post before you post it. Avoid using filters when you don’t them.



The video is another tool to get engagement on Instagram. You can make videos about 60 seconds in length. If you are planning to make a video, keep in mind, you have to make it worth watching it.


You can use videos to promote your brand. If you think that your video quality is not that much good, try using Instagram fun tools for video creation such as Boomerang, which makes your video short, except they play forward and backward repeatedly.



To promote your business, you need to mention a link in your bio so that your audience can have a look at your brand description. The Instagram page is not enough to target your audience.

Giving a link gives traffic to your page. Moreover, those it will engage your audience to visit your page more instantly. Its necessary to have a link because not all things can be described on an Instagram page. You can have a link to your Facebook or YouTube or even any website.


These are Best Instagram Strategies that every marketer needs to try which will make their business page grow like hell!