October 31, 2020

eureka upright vacum


This is most certainly the most complete product you can find which, of course, also has an impact on its price, which is higher than for other models.

However, the included features manage to justify the price. Indeed, suitable for both floors and various surfaces and ceilings, this Dyson stick vacuum cleaner includes three different brushes to allow you to attack absolutely any type of dust, crumb or other that you want to disappear from your field of vision. .eureka upright vacum

The technical and technological prowess is indeed there: thanks to its digital motor and its power of 21.6V, this model leaves no respite from the dust.

Without really dwelling on the price, consumer reviews consider the Dyson V8 to be the most complete model of vacuum cleaner that can be found on the market. Indeed, customers with, for example, access from the house to the garden, animals and children in addition particularly appreciate this model, which allows to quickly give a facelift and radiance to its interior.

In addition, customers appreciate the presence of different brushes on this dyson vacuum cleaner , which allow it to adapt to all types of surface. The mini-brush, in particular, is the most popular, since it saves you from having to move your furniture to reach otherwise inaccessible spaces.

eureka upright vacum

More than 500 customer reviews on Amazon and a rating of 4.5 / 5? A price below 200 €, less than 3 kilos on the wrist, optimal performance according to consumers. A benchmark vacuum cleaner that has earned its place in our comparison. This vacuum cleaner can adapt to your different types of floors, namely: tiles, carpets and hard floors. Multifunction therefore? Yes, like the Dyson range, its rotating and detachable head allows you to install new tips to vacuum the ceiling, baseboards and other elements of the house. Only problem ? The autonomy just a little 25 minutes. Also available in a slightly more expensive 30-minute version.


We have seen Rowenta and its great technology, Dyson and its incredible power, and if we now turn to H. Koening for its best value for money?

This model will effectively ensure all the classic functions of a stick vacuum cleaner, while allowing true multifunctional use. Indeed, a table vacuum cleaner is directly detachable from the base to allow you to clean your table in a very short time. You can then sweep the vacuum cleaner throughout your house, and everything, always very quietly. What to say about its price below 100 €. Perfect if you don’t want to pay 300 euros for a Dyson.

What, at first glance, stands out the most from consumer reviews, it is of course the excellent quality of the model in view of the price, which also makes some people say that it is a better stick vacuum cleaner if you are looking for an entry level model.

The price also appears to be a determining factor for the various buyers. The sector of upright vacuum cleaners is, in fact, a bit special, in the sense that prices range over larger areas than for other household or auxiliary devices. Particularly economical, this model does not forget, you will understand, the emphasis placed at all costs on quality.


Proscenic is certainly a Chinese brand, but a brand renowned for its accessibility and the quality of its household appliances. This P8 Plus model has 35 minutes of autonomy (like the Dyson V7), 3 brushes and works wirelessly for more comfort. With its small adaptable tip, it can clean your worktops and other high tables without problem. Its 1.2 liter capacity is more than suitable for non-systematic emptying each time the vacuum cleaner is cleaned; A wall support is also provided as for the range from Dyson. For less than 160 €, this cordless vacuum cleaner will make you happy, even if the after-sales service will not measure up to a big brand like Rowenta for example.