December 1, 2020

funky makeup bags

Well done, and thank you for your patience! Hans-Jürgen, Jürgen, what interest does a man find in working in the field of cosmetics?
HJ: for me, it’s the idea of ​​a permanent challenge; and being a bit like an explorer who still has the opportunity to discover virgin lands.
J: Bleu-Vert, our company, is extremely mixed both in terms of origins and age. So the same goes for the gender distribution: a little masculine presence in a feminine universe seems to me likely to consolidate the good balance of our ecosystem!
I know all three of you have prepared to answer our question about the book, the record, and the painting you would like to cite. It’s yours !
Hans Jürgen  funky makeup bags
– for the painting, without hesitation Picasso, all periods combined. It is multiple, and always accomplished (Little aside from Jürgen: Hans Jürgen studied Art, and intended to be a painter).
– the book: Abysse , by Frank Schätzing. A green novel in which the sea rebuffs … And it is very, very powerful …
– for music, it will be that of my youth: Manfred Mann, Jethro Tull, The Who, Genesis …
– I would cite the last book I have just read, by the Lebanese historian Amin Maalouf, Samarkand . A long fresco in time, which goes from the great era of Islam in the 11th century, to the Titanic.
– for the painting, a drawing by Keith Haring. It sounds very simple, but it uses a fairly subtle symbolism; there is a lot of optimism in what he did, it’s very cheerful.
– music question… One of my collaborators, David, has just introduced me to Radiohead, whom I really like. This high-pitched voice, these structures …


funky makeup bags


– the books will be those of JK Rolling: Harry Potter… I am a fan, I have read them all 5 times! The story is really well found, and the writing has refined over the episodes. The story is full of metaphors that speak to me. Read


ing certain books, I laugh at each page … I really lived with these books for ten years.
– for the painting, it will be by Klimt. Its stacks, its golden colors …
– a Muse record; the last in particular, “Resistance”.

Sophie… 20 nail colors, how to find your way around?
S: from N ° 1 to N ° 5, we have very nice formulations for a fairly natural look. From 6 to 10, these are pearly varnishes. From 11 to 15, we are on metallic colors, and from 16 to 20, they are lacquers.
J: ah, here we end with a great product, our all natural and 80% organic solvent. Alcohol, castor oil, orange essential oil… Hans Jürgen is very proud of it! Just a small technical detail: it does not act immediately. It is necessary to soak a cotton pad, and put it on the nail for ten seconds. Ten pleasant seconds, since the product smells very good. In addition, it perfectly removes all varnishes, including the most chemical.