September 27, 2020

Maphie Nail Polish

Nail and hand Care


Were you aware that your hands are among the first things to age? Those lines and wrinkles you are worried about appearing on your face? Nah…it is your palms they’ll get to ! And we use and abuse them we wash them all the time which strips skin and nails of the oils, and then we suddenly realise we’ve’old lady hands’ and it’s too late! Maphie Nail Polish

Today we’re not for another telling you not to clean your hands (horror!) . We are nevertheless currently saying you should treat your hands and nails with care that is really loving.

Here’s our 23 top methods for nail and hand care to maintain those beauties looking beautiful.

  1. Moisturise! Purchase a fantastic quality hand cream and use daily to make sure your skin is being rehydrated — keeping it plump and supple, scarring those wrinkles away. Apply cuticle oil, preferably one containing coconut oil as a principal ingredient as it has the properties which closely match that of our skin’s oil (known as sebum).
  2. Gently push your cuticles back to release the edge. Do not push too hard since yoMaphie Nail Polishu could hurt your nail bed — just gentle enough to lift them — this will help your nails to grow quicker and keep those overgrown or dry elements of your cuticle at bay (and don’t overlook that cuticle oil! ) ) .
  3. When you are filing your nails — utilize controlled and long motions and only ever file IN 1 DIRECTION! See-sawing will divide the layers of the nail. Moreover, this can send shockwaves by your nail to the nail matrix which can cause ridges and ripples in your nail as it develops. Sporting a fantastic gel gloss manicure? You are peeling the top layer of your own nail which is your fingernails divide and are dry off. Get them removed professionally or learn how to perform it correctly.
  4. Forget to work with a base coating. It’s like the underwear of the manicure — do not leave home without it! A base coat assists the nail plate is adhered to by the polish it prevents your nails from quality AND staining goods such as our’Bed Rock’ Base design will be enriched with a nourishing and/or property that is strengthening. After each coat of polish, softly brush throughout the border of the nail suggestion to’cap’ off the nail since this can assist in preventing premature peeling and graying of the gloss.
  5. Two or three THIN coats of gloss are far better than one or two thick coats. You’ll be more in command and the layers will dry much faster if you’re doing a very thin coats to build the shade up.
  6. Like the foundation — a coating should never be forgotten by you. Not only does it seal your manicure off preventing it by chipping and making it last longer, it also adds a glorious glow and brings out the glow in the polish (if there is any). Of course you can always use a top coat if glistening isn’t something.

Bases, Tops, Removers & Thinners Been 3 or 4 days and you are nails are starting to look dull? Re-apply your best coat. Yes seriously! It brighten your manicure and can lengthen the wear of your polish through 2 or a day. NEVER blow off your nails to’assist’ them to dry. There is moisture from your breath which will just slow down the drying procedure….and you will just dry the surface and end up with scratches or scuffs in the polish because you think you’re good to go. Air drying is obviously best.

  1. Wait 2-3 minutes between each coat before applying the next coat to provide them a chance to dry. Because it’ll have a fresh surface to stick to, from streaking this may prevent another layer.
  2. Your claws are NOT tools and jewels! Wherever possible, don’t use your claws to pick or scratch or cans or work with anything fiddly. Treat them with care and utilize proper tools to the work instead. NIBBLE OR PICK, DO N’T BITE! We are aware that when you have stray pieces of skin or nail it’s tempting — but grab cuticle nippers or your nail file to snip the dead bits that are stray off and for goodness sake, leave your claws alone!
  3. Your nails and skin are the weakest when they are wet — so resist the urge to select and shave at tub or the shower. Have? Wait til you’re outside the bath and your hands are dry before snipping off it. When it is wet, pulling or Pulling on the skin around your nails will be oh once they’re dry.