September 24, 2020

Why Good Friday 2017 is celebrated?


There are unique practices in every religion and they used to follow it strictly. Christian community observes Good Friday 2017 three days before Easter. Calendar for Good Friday changes every year. The Good Friday would be observed on 14th April. This article will tell why it is observed and when the Good Friday would be observed in the upcoming years.

  • No Easter without the Good Friday

Good Friday is observed three days before Easter and Christian community believes that there would be no Easter if Good Friday is not observed. Although Good Friday and Easter represents two opposite poles such as glory and suffering but it is necessary to have Good Friday before Easter.

  • Good Friday is not a mourning day

Good Friday is known as a Good Friday which does not refer to sadness or mourning. For instance, there would be no greater love than the one who lay down his own life for others. Although, people will get sad but it is not actually a sad moment.

  • Need of a somber worship

Most of the worships that Christian practices are the happier ones. But people should keep in mind that Christianity is more powerful when speaks in pain. Good Friday is one such day which is actually the answer of God towards the broken world.

  • Good Friday is a Unique day

The focus on cross is particularly observable on the Good Friday. It is not apparently seen on the Sundays or the Easter day. Moreover, the bad news associated with Good Friday prepares an individual for the good news of Easter. This is somewhat a unique way to observe.

  • Good Friday is not invented by anyone

It has to be observed that Good Friday is not invented by any one nor it’s a superstitious. God already knew that something like this would happen and it happens.

  • Good Friday is a practice of History

Only the tradition could not make anything forever instead, an authentic history is needed for an event to continue. Good Friday is observed since ancient times. The Good Friday 2017 would be another addition to this history.