September 24, 2020

Tran Siu and his Noble Cause of Social Reforms

Bringing about improvements in community life by Tran Siu has taken more than mere words. His commitment for the changes soon made him realize the importance of funds. Being an active community member he decided to raise funds for his noble cause. The citizens of Brimbank did receive the initiations gladly, but there were many who saw these efforts with skepticism. This is common for any society or community to see the others with a touch of skepticism no matter how noble their intentions are. Tran Siu understood the factors clearly and took measures to overcome them in the long run.

Soon he was able to clear the doubts from the m9inds of Brimbank communities and raise substantial volume of funds. By utilizing these funds for the welfare of the communities, has been to fulfill all the promises related to education, job, rehabilitation, medical and emergency care, business openings and other opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Tran Siu as Synonym for Hard Work

Tran Siu The age of web based technologies call for people to do smart work rather than engaging in hard work. But the path in which Tran Siu has travelled so far shows his passion for hard work. If one takes a look beyond the world of technology and sophistication, it is possible to see the real purpose of human life as it is.

  • Tran Siu set himself the goal of bringing back the cheer and happiness among the community members like the disabled, underprivileged youth and the ignored seniors. Setting up of sports training centers for the youth and the disabled has been one of the biggest achievements of Tran Siu. Here he was able to group people from multiple ethic background on a single platform.
  • His first task was to make the members overcome the fear phobia which they had developed towards other ethnic communities. This included people from Chinese origin, aborigines, Vietnamese and other Asian community members. The initial skepticism soon dissolved and the members started communicating with each other more openly.
  • The idea of financial freedom for the disabled and the seniors has been a great phenomenon among the sunshine community members. Instead of depending on the others for their everyday livelihood, they are now able to earn and take care of the others in their family. This sort of transformation has taken lot of time to happen. The volume of patience and persistence shown by Tran Siu in sustaining these changes has brought about many miracles.

Tran Siu

  • Establishment of technical training, sports coaching, community welfare, medical camps and other projects have given Tran Siu the much needed faith in the future.
  • The spreading of awareness about taking up a social cause and living up to it through hard work has been established by Tran Siu. Today hundreds of volunteers have taken up the task of spreading awareness about independent and responsible lives. The number of community members taking part in national and international sporting events is constantly increasing due to the hard work of Tran Siu.