September 27, 2020

Thinking of wrapping your food in aluminium Foil ?


It is a well-known fact that a lot of food worldwide finds its way into the bins. One of the best courses of action would be to wrap it in aluminium ซองฟอยล์ and save it for a later date. Having said so this does not happen to be one of the most eco-friendly products in the market, and this is not what an environment conscious customer would be looking at as well.

Is plastic or aluminium ซองฟอยล์ a worthy choice

As all of us are aware plastics is made from fossil fuels and there is a strong saying that they go on to pollute the oceans as well. Think on the lines of aluminium ซองฟอยล์ as a recyclable option. On all counts a recycled ซองฟอยล์ works out to be a better choice than the traditional options.

The type’s different types of aluminium ซองฟอยล์

  • Standard aluminium ซองฟอยล์- put to use for varied applications and works out best for your kitchen as well. For any form of kitchen tasks you can go on to use this ซองฟอยล์. It is commonly used for wrapping potatoes, sandwiches etc.
  • Heavy aluminium ซองฟอยล์- is more durable and tends to vary more on the thickness front. The best part about this ซองฟอยล์ is that it can go on to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Both the standard along with the heavy duty ซองฟอยล์ is being made of the same material, but one of the major differences between the two is the thickness. The first thought that might strike you is whether you are using aluminium ซองฟอยล์ for cooking or not. As the regular version tends to be thinner than the heavy duty one, it is not able to resist heat along with items that have a lot of weight as well. As far as regular aluminium ซองฟอยล์ evolves it is going to serve you the normal tasks, but as far as heavy foods models itself then a higher coating is needed.

ซองฟอยล์s are best if you are planning to keep something in the fridge that has a strong odour. It goes on to develop a strong barrier that does prevent odours from creeping in. Make it a point that the seal is not put on tightly. It is also ideal if you can heat the ซองฟอยล์ in a normal kitchen because of heat bearing capacity.

On the other hand plastic is good for avocados and apples. This prevents it from turning brown as well. The plastic tends to press against the brown surfaces as well.

To sum it up it would be prudent on your part to simplify things if you are not sure. Just take into consideration the fact that heavy duty aluminium can go on to perform all jobs with a standard ซองฟอยล์ can do, but it is not going to work the other way around. For routine tasks you can stick with the normal ones, but for prolonged storage then heavy duty ones would be an apt choice.