September 27, 2020

Capital smart city SERVICE SECTORS


The Central Boulevard from M-2 Motorway

CSC offers a convenient road and transport network, with a 14-lane Central Boulevard that is 350 ft wide, with a direct connection to the M-2 Motorway. The entire development is secured with sturdy boundary walls and the community has running and cycling tracks along with an abundance of street lights to brighten up the paths at night. The entire project also boasts amazing landscaping.


This sector within CSC will be dedicated to improving the healthcare facilities available to the people of Islamabad. It will feature a number of hospitals, clinics as well as laboratories to ensure that the locals are provided with the necessary medical aid.


Ensuring that residents have plenty of options, this city offers educational institutes at every level, from schools to colleges and universities. There will also be campuses of medical colleges within CSC and day care centres can be availed by working parents to ensure that their children are taken care of by professionals, in their absence.


Aside from providing the ideal living conditions, the society also offers a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System that services two of the main transport corridors. Moreover, there are several hubs for bus and public transport that have several connecting interchanges, with all of these facilities being adequately maintained.


Capital Smart City takes the provision of urban utilities to new heights, offering not just a power grid station and solar power parks, but also plants for sewerage treatment and potable water treatment. Aside from that, there is an irrigation system in place to maintain the green surroundings and a solid waste management system to dispose of waste in an appropriate manner. When it comes to security, it is not to be taken lightly, with CSC having its own police station, firefighting system and secured surroundings that are CCTV monitored with a gated entrance to the city.


With the aim to help the residents in fulfilling their religious obligations, Capital Smart City will not just have one of the biggest Jamia mosques of the country, but also several smaller mosques for each sector.


Being a smart city, this development boasts certain features which set it apart from the rest. These include automated traffic controls, the automated supply of basic utilities, no load shedding of power, CCTV monitoring with facial as well as object recognition, automated street lights, free Wi-Fi spots throughout the community, automated air conditioning control as well as the provision of electric bikes for the use of the residents.
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