September 24, 2020

park view city islamabad map

Park View City

The information is already out the Capital Development Authority has revived the NOC for Park View City Islamabad. In this aspect, the official site of the civic jurisdiction has also been upgraded. The society direction is prepared to continue with this large improvement. An Iftar-Dinner was organized with all the enrolled representatives, members and investors of Park View City, where the inauguration of website office was also ran.

The event additionally encouraged applications from property agencies seeking to function as registered traders for Park View City through a novel.

Back in August 2017we shed light on several common issues property investors had around investing in Park View City. Together with the NOC revived, many problems are addressed, although some investors still had to have a couple things removed before they can set their hands on Park View City plots.


This upgrade addresses it for the data has been accumulated out of Park View City, to make sure its own veracity and to receive the most details about the project.

200-foot Wide Main Boulevard:

In accordance with Imdad, the recovery of this CDA NOC comes together with approval to the construction of 200-foot broad Kuri Road. To join society with Kurri Road, Park View City can build a 2-kilometre very long patch on its own cost and in cooperation with the CDA. For this use, both have to sit down and talk about details, the majority of which is on the technical element of the undertaking.

The society is optimistic as soon as the details have been finalized plus they get a proceeding for initiating growth function, the 200-foot broad street is going to be finished within six weeks. In addition, he thinks that the job is forecast to be considerably in form from the beginning of next calendar year.

Block F

Park View City includes all of the land accessible for this specific block, actually there’s not any lawsuit difficulty in the whole society,” stated Imdad. In addition, he disclosed that the culture has more Sector subway territory in ownership compared to that displayed on the map for which fresh reservations will be released shortly.


A gated society

The society has been a gated, walled job in which the boundary wall was constructed around the roughly 5,000 kanals of property the programmer has obtained. He said that many improvements in the area aren’t covered from all areas, but Park View City is. As of late the side that faced national forest area is also barricaded.


Water deficit within the society:

The very place of Park View City is full of natural resources such as underground water, and this can be found only 50 feet beneath the floor. Along with this, many all-natural channels such as Gumrah River pass throughout the society. However, the society isn’t seeking to take all this for granted. Imdad said a water treatment system will probably be up and functioning Block A, in which water will be reused and recycled.

Along with this, a strategy is set up to use rainwater, and the area receives from prosperity, making it compulsory for every house to possess underground tankers to shop and utilize this water.

When asked when the society might have a little dam of its own to accumulate and utilize the rain, Imdad explained that operate on this already penalized, and a company is operating on doing this. He suggested that Gumrah River water, together with rainwater, is going to saved and used for better purposes.