Your morning skincare ritual can impact the rest of the day

From your birth, every second of every day, your skin envelops you in a protective barrier. It protects you from the elements, bumps, bumps and countless harmful substances in our environment. And yet we rarely think of the crucial role that the skin plays in our lives.
However, the skin has become a problem for an increasing number of people. Having become sensitive, she can no longer bear the stress and aggressions of daily life in silence. She began to protest, to express her dissatisfaction with symptoms such as redness, tingling, itching … In the most serious cases, women with sensitive skin feel like they have to avoid “risky” situations , which means that they can deprive themselves of a peaceful and fulfilled life.
La Roche-Posay shares its expertise on the real impact of sensitive skin on the lives of women and gives advice on regaining control.
When you wake up while you are still half asleep, it is tempting to take a long, hot shower. But for women with sensitive skin, prolonged exposure to hot water causes a feeling of stretching of the skin, as if it were a size too small, as well as visible redness. Red cheeks do not promote self-confidence and can cause complexes in many women. No luck if you have an important presentation or a job interview that morning!
The science behind the experiences of women with sensitive skin: the scenario is classic. The hot water from your morning shower causes histamine to be released into the skin, causing a chain reaction of irritation. Your morning shower should be brief and lukewarm funky makeup bags.
Poor quality makeup can bury your social life
Many women see makeup as a moment of pure pleasure and self-expression, but for those with sensitive skin, the makeup section can look like minefield. The skin can burn, itch and sting after the application of the product, it often becomes uneven and has spots, which is exactly the opposite of the purpose of makeup! Having lost faith in makeup, these women feel oblige

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d to lead a social life without makeup, or to give up altogether to have one.
The science behind the experiences of women with sensitive skin: Many women with sensitive skin invest time and money in allergy testing. They are desperately trying to identify a unique ingredient responsible for their tumultuous relationship with makeup. When these tests are negative, they are obviously disappointed and frustrated. The point is, sensitive skin is a more difficult problem to define than an allergy, and every woman has to find her own triggers.
Examine the labels of the products carefully: make sure the products have been tested on sensitive and allergic skin, with a minimalist formula without perfume, alcohol and allergens known as nickel. Armed with products from specialized brands, sensitive skin can regain its beauty … and during this time, you can have fun trying the latest trendy looks!