September 27, 2020

Ultimate Key Cutting techniques from Locksmith Sacramento CA

Locksmith Sacramento CAThe process of key cutting for making new set of keys for residential, commercial and automobile locks is performed to perfection by the Locksmith Sacramento CA. The service providers use the latest technology tools and machines for achieving accuracy and reliability. They consider many parameters related to material selection, type of lock, master key requirement, complexity of lock design and the functional aspects. The machines they use can be used to cut parts of a key or the complete key, family of keys and other components used within the keyless locks.

Key Cutting Types from Locksmith Sacramento CA

The Locksmith Sacramento CA follows a specific procedure for cutting the keys according to the lock specifications. If the original key is available for sample, he will be able to perform the tasks faster. However there could be situations when the original key is not available. This could happen when the key is lost or broken.

  • The first task of the locksmith is to extract the broken key from the lock. He could do it with the help of advanced extraction tools. Once this task is complete, the next task for him is to create the duplicate key.
  • The blueprint require for the key can be obtained after probing the design of the lock. The Locksmith Sacramento CA can use a combination of a probing device and computer to get the image of lock’s internal design. This is captured in the form of an image and displayed on the computer/ smart phone screen.
  • The locksmith may transfer this image into his key cutting machine and use it as the base blue print. This can be done when he is using some of the technically advanced machines and tools. Otherwise he needs to depend on his manual skills of key cutting by keeping the lock blueprint as the base. This process may seem rather complex to those who are not familiar with the locksmithing process. But for the Locksmith Sacramento CA this is a regular part o his work. He is able to cut the keys to precision and make it fit into the lock. He may have to do bit of filing and other sharpening and shaping tasks. Ultimately the key is ready to be used.
  • Once the cut key is found to be matching, he may suggest that you make a few more sets of duplicate keys for the same lock. This method can be helpful in avoiding emergency situations in the future.

Benefits of Key Cutting from Locksmith Sacramento CA

  • The newly cut key is free from any of the mechanical and technical defects. You will be able to use it for a long time without having to repair or replace it.
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  • The Locksmith Sacramento CA offers key cutting, installation of responders and sensors, electronic chip and other advanced components as part of the key. In all these cases the need for lock replacement is effectively eliminated, giving you an option to save money and get solutions in cost effective manner.