December 1, 2020

How to Use Ear Protection Muffs

The ear protection muffs need to be used in accordance with the instructions specified in the user manual of the product. However certain generic guidelines can be drawn out from the experience of users in various application areas. For example the users in the shooting arena need to protect their ears from the impulsive noise generated from muzzle blasts. Their usage pattern will be slightly different from those working in industrial plants and construction sites.

Basic Guidelines for Ear Protection Muffs

  • The headband of the ear protection muffs has to be loosened to fit to your head size after unpacking the device. You can do it with the help of adjusting screws fitted with a knob. In some models the sliders may be opened perform the same task. They are provided on either side of the ear cups.
  • Wear the device and fasten the screws until the cups loosely fit to your head. Then use the swivels of the cup to adjust them to your ears. Make sure they cover the rear ear bone completely. Then fasten the headband screws to such an extent that fits the cups firmly with your head.
  • Say a few words loudly. You should be able to hear your own words in a low frequency note, no matter how loudly you speak or shout. Now your ear protection muffs are firmly fit in.

Comfort Levels of Ear Protection Muffs

Once you have worn the ear protection muffs for the first time, you need to use it for about couple of hours. If your ears are experiencing any sort of discomfort, you need to readjust the alignment of the ear cups.

  • Check whether the soft foam cushion fits with the external area around the ear canal. Can you feel the gap between the external ears and the core center of the cushion? If yes how comfortable is the gap?
  • If you are using the device in humid conditions, check whether the foam is able to absorb the sweat from your ears. Do you experience any feeling of dampness after some time? If no, you may assume your ear protection muffs are comfortably working.
  • If you don’t feel any sort of discomfort in your ears (pressure/ irritation etc), you may treat the device as reliable.
  • Once you start your shooting session, you need to check the level of sound you are able to hear. In most cases you can hear a soft sound of a balloon burst. If you hear any noise above that level, you need to get the device checked for safety.
  • Walk into the shooting zone where the others are practicing by wearing the ear protection muffs. Observe the time gap between two muzzle blast noises. You may spend about 30 minutes to one hour within this zone and test the effectiveness of the device. ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs are said to be highly safe and comfortable to wear for people with variable head sizes. You can try them to Ge the maximum benefits of ear protection muffs.