September 30, 2020

HP LTO 7 Tape C7977A LTO7 Ultrium Tape Cartridges with ITSourcehub

LTO Ultrium cartridge C7977A meets all your demands for maximum reliability when restoring information and providing excessive storage density, easy management and scalable storage and backup performance. It can write or read statistics at a blistering, 2.5TB per hour. It stores, encrypts and protects up to 15TB on a single cartridge. LTO 7 Tapes Ultrium cartridge memory chip promises quicker get admission to time and improved media monitoring.It is able to document huge quantities of data shortly and efficiently. This re-writable tape drive supports a general records study speed of seven-hundred MB/s with an archival life of up to 30 years, making it an attainable long time period storage solution. Once configured, customers gain from invulnerable to help forestall unauthorized access whilst closing compliant with most industry regulations.

The native storage capacity of C7977A is 6.25 TB and compressed capacity is 15tb the data transfer rate of this tape is 315MB/s native and 750MB/s compressed it length is 2775.59ft.This tape supports a simplifies tape path to reduce wear and tear this media storage tape test procedures of load unload and reduce environmental stress it ensures maximum reliability for restoring your data also ensures that business can meet the ever increasing demands of regulations for data retention and archiving.


There is a platform for every need it’s enable the creation of complaints and provides highest level of data security and compliance with the most stringent industry regulations to prevent unauthorized data access.  This tape is as easy, flexible and portable and use other removable and shareable data this open standard technology ensures compatibility across product generations and gives you more choice with ITSourcehub.


The more advantageous ‘smart grabber’ mechanism and mechanical interlock are designed to prevent the chief pin from being pulled internal the tape housing. Sensors detect appropriate connection and stop chief loss that would destroy the tape. Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) version offers tamper proof, compliant data storage. Data encryption for more desirable facts security.

You can store thousands of your important documents at one place through this storage tape one of the most prominent reason that LTO tape as the best storage solution for small and medium scale business this LTO 7tapes c7977a is cost efficient. Distant from the pricing factor that brings business greater affordability it brings another value by reducing overall cost when it comes to calculate the overall cost, tape has proven record of delivering best assessment to customers. As compared to portable disk it is the best solution it is not only recognize for cost efficiency but in addition tar brings greater mobility it has been recognize one of the best solution for storage problems.